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Mittens Made by Mrs. Duncan

These mittens were crafted by Edie Duncan. They are made up of deer hide, and silver beaver fur.

Procreate Art by Emily Mansur

Emily created a beautiful image of a young man spear fishing. 

Zaagaasige (the sun shines out from behind something)

This drum was crafted by Kove Sator, it was made using moose hide. 


Untitled by Maddie Peters

No more Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

Creations by Muckpaloo Ipeelie

Urban Inuk artist Muckpaloo from Iqaluit, Nunavut, beads jewellery in Blue Mountain for Indigenous and non- Indigenous people who want to celebrate Indigenous art. Jewellery can be customized, send a message to Muckpaloo to inquire. In her free time, Muckpaloo also teaches Inuit Culture and Canadian History to bridge the gap between everyday Canadians and Inuit in corporate settings. Send and email to connect with Muckpaloo:

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